Here are my "Ye Olde PHP Script-ure" web pages. They highlight programming I have created to help websites become more dynamic and versatile for customers. I can harness this server side scripting language to take your website to the next level! I am in Cleveland, Ohio USA.


What does "PHP" stand for? The programming world recognizes this as a type of internet based scripting language, but what is the formal, widely accepted meaning?


PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a recursive acronym; the first "P" stands for "PHP," and the first "P" of that stands for "PHP" as well, thus the cycle continues. It originally stood for Personal Home Page, but was renamed when the language fell into common use on the web, at version 3.0.


Now, what circumstances would lead to such a strange definition? Consider these possibilities:

  • "Personal Home Page" was too easy to remember so they had to confuse everyone with the recursive acronym thing.
  • The creators came up with this crazy defintion because they wanted to have fun by inciting years of fierce debate in the IT world about why it was defined like this.
  • Although much of the syntax was borrowed from C, Java and Perl the creators didn't use any of this in their definition because that would make it more of a mystery for everyone to figure out why the definition was defined the way it was.

Okay, enough of the hypothetical jollies. In my business it means using the power and versatility of this great server side scripting language to move websites beyond the humdrum world of just static text and images on a web page. This internet based scripting language is more than just a way to code. It is a "real advantage" on your business competition.

Scenario #1:

You are running an e-commerce website and you have a great idea to ramp up future sales. You want new programming integrated into the pages that list your online store products that appeared from a search from a logged in site visitor. The idea is to record an "audit trail" for each visitor (as designated by their login id or some other unique identifier of who they are) of the queried products they saw. Then these will be stored in a data table on the website that will cross reference them to similiar products you sell that didn't appear in the given visitor's prior searches. This sounds like a tall order, but not for Hypertext Preprocessor! It has the depth and versatility to handle a job of this caliber. The next time the visitor logs in to your online store, you could use this cross referenced data table system in conjunction with additional programming to display the items that did not appear in the visitor's prior searches and presto! You have just created an automated mechanism for suggestive selling. You will be the envy of your competition!

Scenario #2:

Let's say you decide to add a new section to your website. This new page will display testimonials that each of your customers have written about their experience (good or bad) with your company. It sounds like a great idea that will add more credibility and marketing leverage to your site. But how will you implement this so it is as automated as possible while still screening out vulgar, hateful submissions at the same time?

I would approach it this way. First, I would create a "back end" or administrator utility section that is entered through a log in screen that accepts a user id and password input parameters. This would include an area that would list all administrator approved testimonial submissions (previoulsy screened for no obscene or crazy written material). These approved submissions would be stored in an "approved testimonials data table" within a MySQL database on the website. The administrator would have the functionality to delete any of these approved submissions. The approved testimonials data table would also populate the new "front end" page on the website that lists all the approved testimonials for public viewing.

Next, I would have a "pending testimonials data table". This would be stored in the same MySQL database as the approved testimonials data table. This pending area would be the direct recipient of any submissions that come through the front end section of the website that has the testimonial submission form which is available to the public. In addition to having the capability to delete any of these pending submissions, it would also have the functionality of sending appropriately worded testimonial submissions to the approved testimonials data table with just the click of a mouse!

The above are just two examples of how this terrific server side scripting code can empower a website. Below are programming techniques I have created for some of my customers. When you view the page, just click on the "Agree" button to accept the open software license and the scripting code will become visible in the page's text area. The comments are preceded by "//" to narrate the scripting language. Apple iPod, iPhone, and iPad visitors should use two finger tip scrolling to scroll the code listing. The vertical right hand scrollbar will not appear on your mobile device. This also applies to Android visitors. They should tap the textarea until the border highlights and then use one finger tip scrolling to navigate the code listing.

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This is a very robust scripting language that can transform your web pages from ordinary static content to very dynamic ones. It can accommodate a wide range of applications. The functionality this offers your website is as endless as your imagination. Please use my email and phone contact page to drop me a line so we can discuss your ideas today!

UPDATE: I have decided to cease publication of individual "Ye Olde PHP Script-ure" web pages after September 2013 and instead add periodic PHP coding posts to my blog, "Menace II Conventional Thought: An Alternate Pathway Of A Self Styled Computer Programmer". The blog can be viewed at http://analyzoh (dot) blogspot (dot) com. It is updated monthly and includes programming techniques, troubleshooting encounters, SEO and marketing strategy as well as my general business ideas.

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