Whether you need specific developer skills for a new project or to modify an existing one, I can accommodate you. I am versed in some of the most popular programming platforms. I work primarily in the Cleveland, Ohio USA area.


Business people seek out developers who possess skills in widely used application software. When launching a new project, they want talented people who can design software in the current mainstream platforms such as C#.NET or php with MySQL. And there are other situations where they elect to stay with older, legacy platforms such as C, C++, Visual Foxpro and others. The reasons may be because they don't have the budget for a new project or they may just not be ready. Whatever your particular situation is, I offer an array of software platforms to cater to your programming ideas:

  • Borland C
  • Borland C++
  • Corel Paradox
  • html/css
  • Javascript
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft C#.NET
  • Microsoft Visual Foxpro
  • PHP with MySQL

Here I would like to highlight actual business applications I have created with some of the software packages listed above. These projects and alterations were made according to exact customer specifications.

An industrial cleaning company in my local area needed a program made that would manage the jobs they do for their customers, which include schools, restaurants, and sports facilities. The program was made in Microsoft Access. In addition to the module for keeping track of their industrial cleaning jobs, it also runs several reports that list cleaning jobs using varying input criteria. It also has a module for keeping track of quotes they make for bidding on different cleaning jobs. In fact, it has a very interesting feature. The Microsoft Access program temporarily suspends itself while calling up a Borland C language program that "mass imports" quotes that had already been made in Microsoft Word years before this program was even created! This "spawned" Borland C language program must carefully navigate through the different components of each Microsoft Word created quotation and selectively draw out the needed information and transfer it into the Microsoft Access data table for cleaning job quotations. It was a tedious job for me as a developer, but it was ultimately successful.

A company in northeast Ohio USA that manufactures and sells electronic products all over the world needed an order entry and invoicing application designed in Corel Paradox. The centerpiece of this system is a "bridge" between the order that is initially created by the CSRs (customer service representatives) and invoice that is created later. I made a special Corel Paradox objectPAL program that generates one or more of the orders into invoice(s). This saves the company tremendous amounts of time and work when compared to what it would take to do all that work manually. In addition to the order/invoice side, it prints shipping cards and runs many different sales reports that manipulate the data. This reveals sales trends that assist the company with making timely decisions that affect how the company is managed and future plans are made.

Many years ago in the mid 1990s I made a Borland C language program for a customer that distributed industrial furniture such as shelving, racking, and lockers mostly for businesses. This was a fairly extensive system that included invoicing, back ordered invoicing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, inventory and various reports that usually filtered the data through date range inputs. They still use this old MS-DOS based software today. Not long ago they needed my skills to redesign their inventory module from the old software so it would create a "paper trail" of transactions that detail how the current on hand inventory balance was calculated for each of their items. The old inventory module did not do this. I made a Microsoft C#.NET application for this new inventory module. In addition to manual additions and subtractions, it also ties in to the old invoicing and back ordered invoicing update/print modules. In fact, portions of these two older modules had to be redesigned in the Borland C language to accommodate the newer Microsoft C#.NET inventory module. This makes the older invoicing and back ordered invoicing update/print modules automatically adjust inventory on hand balances in the new inventory module at the time printing occurs.

As you have read, my developer skills will serve as a powerful vehicle for creating software solutions for most any programming scenario. Please use my email and phone contact page today to connect with me so we can talk about how my skills as a developer can make your project ideas come to life!

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