I can design manufacturing related applications such as estimating and job costing software. I work in Cleveland, Ohio USA. Call me at (216) 346-7805 or email me today.

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Skill Set

I possess an array of skills that can be utilized to create your manufacturing/industrial software application as noted below:

  • Borland C
  • Borland C++
  • Corel Paradox
  • HTML/CSS Web Page Design
  • Java (Android Studio)
  • Javascript
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft C#.NET
  • Microsoft Visual Foxpro
  • PHP with MySQL

These software skills can be used to create anything from job costing to estimating to industrial order entry. Let's look at some real life examples:

Scenario #1:
You are the administrative vice president in an industrial pattern shop. Shop orders have to be job costed out around the clock so the owners of the company will know where they stand with regard to labor, materials and money made or lost on each shop order. Labor hours, purchase orders and special materials have to be run through an internal company job costing formula. This in turn must be interfaced to an employee benefit & profit sharing plan for the company. You are wasting enormous amounts of time hunting for documentation and file folders around the office that are needed to make the complex calculations. Productivity is plummeting and the only way out of this logistical nightmare is a customized job costing package with an employee benefit & profit sharing module. (Long ago, I created a programmed solution to do this task for a customer who is still using it to this day.)

Scenario #2:
The CSRs (customer service representatives) in an electronics manufacturing company needed a Corel Paradox module to create estimates for existing and prospective customers. They need to be able to list multiple products on a single form along with quantity and pricing. It must also incorporate GSA pricing for government clients. Additionally, it will need functionality to take this information and update it to other modules of the proprietary database application. (I designed this as part of a larger database system for a long term customer.)

Here is a movie of a program I created. Real data has been swapped out with phantom data for privacy and security reasons.

Please use my email and phone contact page so we can further discuss your ideas today. Also, please visit my YouTube Channel to view more videos I have made than what is profiled on this site.

douglas b miller, computer program designer

douglas b miller, computer program designer

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