I work in the Cleveland, Ohio USA area and I have utilized my application development experience to help business people become more productive and efficient. Call me at (216) 346-7805 or email me today.

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Job Experience

I can offer my application development experience to put customer satisfaction on the fast track. My goal is to understand your needs and craft a software solution around those needs. While I may not understand the ins and outs of your business, I do know how to to dramatically reduce productivity headaches through application development. The most skilled coder in the world will get nowhere fast if he or she can't understand what people are really communicating about their computing predicament. And it's a road to nowhere for the programmer, because customers will look for other programmers who can identify with their problems and offer viable solutions for solving them. Without understanding the root of the problem, there can be no successful end result.

As an example, let's say you are running a food catering business. You currently have a software package, however it really isn't helping in terms of raising your productivity. It takes an awful lot of work to operate this program and it's not much better than having to do everything by pen and paper. You want to spend more of your time looking for new customers and expanding the business. You are starting to think in terms of finding a programmed solution that will free you to do what you really need to be doing for the long term health of the business.

If I were to approach the above situation, I would proceed something like this:

  1. Identify areas in the software where time is being wasted, thereby creating more work.
  2. Offer programming recommendations to management to correct the identified problems.
  3. Begin design of the software solution while working closely with management to make sure the design is proceeding as planned and incorporating minor additions and changes throughout the process as needed.
  4. At the end of the design process, review the design with management and add any minor alterations necessary to fine tune the software package so it is fast, reliable and easy to use for everyone involved.
  5. Run the new software package in parallel with the old software. This is the stage where initial issues are ironed out.
  6. After the new programmed solution is running with few or no problems, transition over to the new system and retire the old one.

Here is a general summary of what I have designed programs for. As you can see, I have a variety of experience coding for different business functions. I can also cater to more specific things not listed here as well.

  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable
  • Chart of accounts
  • Database
  • Exporting data
  • Importing data
  • Invoicing
  • Job costing
  • Order entry
  • Quoting
  • Sales reporting
  • Scheduling
  • Websites

Here are some movies of custom software I created. Real data has been swapped out with phantom data for privacy and security reasons.

Please use my email and phone contact page so we can further discuss your ideas today. Also, please visit my YouTube Channel to view more videos I have made than what is profiled on this site.

douglas b miller, computer program designer
douglas b miller, computer program designer
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