I can create process flow software to facilitate the management of manufacturing/industrial tasks. I'm in Cleveland, Ohio. Call me at (216) 346-7805 or email me today.

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Design Philosophy

I can offer my software design experience to help your manufacturing/industrial business manage the process flow of the various tasks going on in your plant. Whether it is an application for management of electroplating jobs or a program to keep track of an array of mixing protocols for industrial lubricants/additives, I can use my background to help you craft custom software to make things run more smoothly and efficiently.

Custom software solutions that don't enhance efficiency and productivity for the management of processes you need to run in your plant are essentially no solutions at all. I have the experience to know that any application crafted especially for your manufacturing chores needs to add something to what you are already doing. Efficiency, productivity, economizing time.....if you aren't gaining some net benefit from what I have done for your industrial business, then I have failed in my job as your software vendor.

In addition, the process flow software should be reliable, which is especially critical in a manufacturing business environment. I have seen too many business software packages crash or freeze up to cost a business time, labor and money. You don't want to be spending your valuable time waiting and waiting with technical support lines while your company bleeds money and wastes precious time from not being able to perform needed tasks. My software may not have the prettiest colors, bells and whistles. But I try as much as possible to design industrial applications so they will work reliably for you day in, day out. I am not overly concerned with slick, futuristic programming techniques as much as I am about providing you a software product that will do exactly what you want and do it reliably for a long time.

Here is a movie of a program I created. Real data has been swapped out with phantom data for privacy and security reasons.

Please use my email and phone contact page so we can further discuss your ideas today. Also, please visit my YouTube Channel to view more videos I have made than what is profiled on this site.

douglas b miller, computer program designer

douglas b miller, computer program designer

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