Feel free to explore my TEKTIP web page listing below that I publish monthly. They offer tips and advice for many of your "fix my computer" headaches. The topics include things such as malware removal, data recovery and more. Many of these topics were inspired by my "on the job" experiences in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio USA.


How many times have you wished you had a resource that offers solutions for a variety of computer repair issues? Whether you are looking for software to recover lost files or you are trying to make a Facebook Fan Page look better, wouldn't it be nice to have something that steers you to the right area?

My monthly TEKTIP web pages offer problem solving advice for computer users. The page content is worded with "fix my computer" speak to assist the reader with the resolution of computer issues. There is also information about useful software utilities, much of it being inexpensive or free. I only write about software I have found useful enough to recommend to others. I try to include something useful for everyone.

Consider these three situations that could set your nerves on fire without viable solutions:

Imagine you have just returned from the store with a new gaming software DVD and you are anxious to install it on your PC and starting playing. But now you are in a real pickle because Windows can't see your CD/DVD drive anymore. It is still physically attached to your computer, but it's now invisible to the Windows device manager. What now? This is typically a Windows registry error which I have addressed in the December 2011 edition (see below).

You have been working diligently on a multiple page Microsoft Word manuscript for a community theater production. Alas, the unthinkable has happend! The manuscript has disappeared and you can't find it anywhere on the PC. The play at the theater is just around the corner and you must have the manuscript ready. Where is your salvation? Lost and even deleted files and folders can often be recovered with good recovery software as explained in the January 2012 edition (see below).

You turn on your work computer in the morning and some malware has done something weird to all your desktop shortcuts and program links. When you double click on any of them, a Windows screen always appears asking you what program you want to use to open the application. You must be able to access your programs to get important work done and soon. How do you fix this culprit? I use a trick that doesn't involve buying diagnostic software or even backing up everything and reinstalling the Windows OS!

The upper right corner of each TEKTIP web page features a slideshow of one of my computer program movies as well as a link to its full length movie counterpart. While this isn't troubleshooting related material, it is there for people who may be interested in my software development services.

If you live in the Cleveland, Ohio USA area, then please use my email and phone contact web page to get in touch with me today for assistance with your computer problems. I can also replace shattered LCD screens in laptop computers at a reasonable cost.

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