How many times have you wished you had a resource that offers solutions for a variety of "fix my computer" issues? Whether you are looking for software to recover lost files, trying to make a Facebook Fan Page look better or looking for good utility software, it would be great to have a resource that helps you out.

The monthly TEKTIPs offer problem solving advice for various everday IT issues. I try to use an easy to understand format that is brief and to the point. The TEKTIPs contain summaries for useful software utilities, much of it being inexpensive or free. I only write about software I have found useful for my own purposes and would gladly recommend to others. I try to make the TEKTIPs cover a range of topics so hopefully there will be something for everyone.

Consider a few scenarios that could create real headaches for you without the right technical advice:

Scenario #1:

Imagine you have just returned from the store with a new gaming software DVD and you are anxious to install it on your PC and starting playing. But now you are in a real pickle because the Windows device manager can't see your DVD drive anymore. What now? This is typically a Windows registry error which I have addressed in the December 2011 TEKTIP.

Scenario #2:

You have been working diligently on a Microsoft Word manuscript for a community theater production. Alas, the unthinkable has happend! The manuscript has disappeared and you can't find it anywhere on the PC. You don't have any back ups of it and the production at the theater is just around the corner. Where is your salvation? Lost or deleted files can often be recovered with good recovery software as explained in the January 2012 TEKTIP.

Scenario #3:

You wonder why your PC has been running so slowly. Like many people you begin to think you should go out and buy a new system, which could run you 450USD or more depending on the model you get. The problem is, the same thing could happen to a newer model. So what to do? In the July 2013 TEKTIP, I outline 6 steps you can take to make your desktop or laptop system run more smoothly. These are tried and true methods for improving PC performance - they really work!

I can replace shattered LCD screens in laptops at reasonable cost. I'm also well equipped to deal with hard drive crashes (corrupted Windows installations). I can rid PCs of all kinds of malware that slows down performance as well as scareware and ransomware. I can replace shot power supplies and add correct memory modules so PCs run more smoothly like they should. I do iPad glass digitizer/lcd screen replacement and I can also design my own custom software to facilitate a uniquely difficult data recovery operation. I am well qualified to handle a variety of "fix my computer" problems.

If you live in Cleveland, Ohio USA, then please use my email and phone contact web page to get in touch with me today for assistance.

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UPDATE: I have decided to cease publication of individual "TEKTIP" web pages after December 2014 and instead add them as periodic posts to my blog, "Menace II Conventional Thought: An Alternate Pathway Of A Self Styled Computer Programmer". The blog can be viewed at http://analyzoh (dot) blogspot (dot) com. It is updated monthly and includes programming techniques, troubleshooting encounters, SEO and marketing strategy as well as my general business ideas.

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