Welcome to my site! I have been in this business since 1990 and I have created software solutions for a variety of small and medium size businesses in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio USA. I can raise your workplace productivity and economize your time, labor and money!

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I have created customized desktop software solutions for business people in the Cleveland, Ohio USA area for more than 2 decades. In that time, I have acquired the experience and insight for how to make software the efficient and time saving business partner it should be. If you will, consider just a few of the challenges that beg for easy to use, reliable programming solutions:

  • Confusion from a poorly planned appointment schedule.
  • Inaccurate job costing reports from false or skewed labor hours and purchase order database records.
  • Incomplete and/or unbalanced accounts receivable and accounts payable as well as chart of accounts.
  • Lost invoices that were unknowingly aged for prolonged periods.
  • Strategic business decisions based on false or skewed sales reporting information.
  • Unable to locate needed records in a data table.
  • Website pages that load too slowly or with errors creating a bad first impression with potential customers.

If you are running a general office type of business, then Intuit Quickbooks or Microsoft Office will probably be fine for your purposes. Usually a need arises for my services when a customer has to create a very specific programmed solution that can't be resolved with "off-the-shelf" software. I have traditionally performed this work for the manufacturing industry, because they tend to use very specific processes that demand customized solutions. However, I can cater to most any business that requires such specialized coding work.

Now, consider some scenarios that would create serious problems without well designed custom programmed solutions:

Scenario #1:

You have your own small manufacturing company and you just signed a new contract to supply product to a new customer who is going to give you an enormous amount of business this year! The UPS guy will be at your plant in 45 minutes to pick up the initial shipment you promised them. You can't find the price sheets that cross reference prices to quantities purchased. The order won't go out on time and you are about to make a lousy first impression with a blue chip customer you absolutely can't afford to lose! (No problem with a developer made industrial order entry system.).

Scenario #2:

You own a tool and die shop that has a real problem. Your CAD/CAM personnel have to spend hours eliminating concentric arcs and circles from two dimensional side views of metal parts that need to be drilled to specification. The concentric arcs and circles were created by the CAD/CAM program they are required to use. Time is being wasted and employee productivity is suffering from the needless extra work that has to be done. (This was an actual custom application developer project I took care of years ago. I designed a program that scanned through a text file that contained the specifications for circles and arcs, some concentric and some not for a two dimensional view of a metal part used in a tool and die shop. It quickly eliminated the concentric arcs and circles and reconstructed the text file so it was ready for the next phase of production. It saved time, labor and most of all grief!)

Scenario #3:

You are the point person in an industrial pattern shop. Shop orders have to be job costed out around the clock so management will know where they stand with regard to labor, materials and money made or lost on each and every shop order. Labor hours, purchase orders and special materials have to be run through an internal company job costing formula. This in turn must be interfaced to an employee benefit & profit sharing scheme, which is also proprietary. You are wasting enormous amounts of time hunting for documentation and file folders around the office and plant that are needed to make the complex calculations for management. Productivity is non-existent, and the only way out of this logistical nightmare is a developer created job costing application with an employee profit sharing module. (I created an application like this many years ago for a long time customer. The time and labor savings are unbelievable!)

Scenario #4:

Although your company's sales are growing, you are totally in the dark with regard to how sales of your various product lines trend over time and through your sales people. You very much need this information so you can make intelligent plans for the future of your company. Trying to do all this by hand would be absolutely prohibitive for any business! Not so with a customized sales reporting application. (I made an array of customized sales reports for a long time customer that provides deep, insightful trends as to how their various product lines sell over time. They also reveal sales productivity among their customer service representatives.)

Below are some movies of desktop programs I have created to help people. Real data has been swapped out with phantom data for privacy and security reasons. Please enable the sound on your computer or mobile device before clicking on any of the links below:

Work references are available upon request.

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